10 Interesting Advantages and Disadvantages of Whipped Coffee

10 Interesting Advantages and Disadvantages of Whipped Coffee

Covid-19 has changed almost everything.

I am no exception. During the pandemic, my life has been restricted to the home. As I quarantined myself in my home this week in an effort to cooperate with the guidelines of social distancing, I did what other people did due to fear of COVID-19. I spent far too much time on different social media networking sites. And, while browsing through Instagram randomly, I noticed some persons uploading their efforts to make “whipped coffee.”

The recipe of whipped coffee is very easy and simple: just mix water, sugar, and instant coffee together into an airy foam that is cloud-like and spill it over a glass of milk. That is it!

In South Korea and all over the world, whipped coffee has become particularly popular as people often try to stay at home and keep associated with their community. The drink itself is referred to as “Dalgona coffee,”

I mixed instant coffee, granulated sugar, and hot water directly from the boiler into a medium pot to prepare the coffee. I didn’t want to take my mixer out, so in a lazy effort to spare myself the trouble, I aggressively whisked the coffee by hand. I saw it instantly transform into a bright and airy mousse after just 45 seconds. I thought that it would take a very long time to whip up, but it happened so smoothly that I didn’t even crack a sweat. It was super quick to produce and it took less than two minutes to get together. I was surprised. It just felt sort of like instant coffee. I gave it a fast swirl to mix, after applying the foam to one cup of cold almond milk. It wasn’t super outstanding in tastes, but the texture was good.


In the light of my experience, here are some advantages of whipped coffee:

  1. It is super quick to make and it takes less than two minutes to get together.
  2. It is instant as well as delicious. You will love the taste and want it more.
  3. As the coffee uses milk, consuming whipped dalgona coffee also helps relieve acidity, which can help alleviate problems with digestion. There is some research showing that the content of calcium and protein in milk may help reduce heartburn.
  4. Whipped coffee will increase your energy levels, much like your daily coffee, helping you feel less sleepy and better. In reality, instant coffee provides a variety of antioxidants and nutrients, including a decreased risk of type 2 diabetes and liver disease, which can support your health in various ways.


Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages of whipped coffee, as well:

  1. Whipped coffee is a sweet drink because of the sugar. And, sadly, the two teaspoons of added sugar in the recipe would blow up the sugar budget of most people for the whole day.
  2. If you use two tablespoons of sugar and 150 g of semi-skimmed milk, you’ll be consuming around 160 calories per cup.
  3. The American Heart Association (AHA) advises that you restrict the quantity of added sugar you ingest to no more than half of your discretionary calorie intake every day. That’s no more than 100 calories a day for most of the women or around 6 teaspoons of sugar. It contains around 150 calories a day for males or around 9 teaspoons.
  4. 2 spoons of sugar, which is around the same level of caffeine as 4 cups of a daily coffee. In medical terminology, the amount of caffeine can be absorbed in a day, but please bear in mind that it is heavily caffeinated.
  5. You should definitely stop it in cases if you are intolerant to coffee. Dalgona is not safe for sugar patients.   I’m talking of two instant coffee spoons and two entire sugar spoons.
  6. It can’t be part of daily healthy nutrition.


After all this chit-chat, I am going to leave it on you, whether you like whipped coffee or not. Despite the cons, I love it…