Cold Brew Coffee – Is it Better Than Hot Coffee?

Cold Brew and Hot Coffee

Cold brew has taken the market by storm and is rapidly gaining popularity for its ability to offer a richer flavor than hot coffee and even iced coffee. This product is derived from freshly-brewed coffee beans and may contain small amounts of caffeine, typically less than one percent. Initially, people didn’t like Cold Brew due to the lack of caffeine, compared to Hot Coffee. Nevertheless, let’s take a deeper look at Cold Brew!

Cold Brew is Healthy for You

Cold brew is especially helpful for healthy, sensitive individuals, while also minimizing some of the more bothersome side effects associated with drinking coffee with boiling water. This is because the natural chemical composition of cold water is significantly different than hot water.

One of the primary health benefits of cold brew coffee is the reduction in gastric acid secretion during active hours. Caffeine appears to suppress gastric acid secretion as well. The release of gastric acid in the stomach is believed to contribute to the formation of carcinogens in the body. Caffeine does appear to aid in “masking” these effects of gastric acid secretion; therefore, ingestion of caffeine and avoidance of its consumption could aid in a decrease in the formation of tumors.

Reduced Caffeine and the Science Behind It

Another primary health benefit of cold brew coffee is the reduction in caffeine and the resulting reduction in gas production, which decreases the likelihood of the development of asthma. Caffeine also appears to interact with certain antioxidants to lower the risk of certain cancers, including prostate cancer and breast cancer.

In addition to this, chlorogenic acid, a natural occurring substance found in coffee, appears to have a beneficial effect on heart disease. The acid does this by scavenging the antioxidant thrombin, which is responsible for blood clotting. Other studies have suggested that chlorogenic acid may also reduce cholesterol levels and improve cardiovascular health.

Cold Brew Flavors are Customizable.

Another potential disadvantage of this beverage is the taste. Many people report that cold brew lacks the fresh, bold taste of hot brew. You can bypass this by steeping it for a bit longer ( 5 minutes?). Adding sugar or milk to the coffee will help restore the original flavor.

It is not clear why low brewing temperature affects the taste of cold brew coffee better than hot brewed coffee. Some research suggests that low temperatures affect the way the coffee tastes because it changes the Roasting Time and Creativity factor.

Cold brewing allows more extraction of flavor from the beans, which allows the coffee to retain some of the characteristics of the bean. For example, cold-brewed coffee contains less acid overall than hot brewed coffee, which has the effect of sharpening the taste of coffee.

Cold Brew Methodology!

Cold brewing methodologies have also been shown to yield consistent results. This is likely due to the fact that water is added gradually to create a consistent brewing process. One con of this brewing process is that the caffeine and other oils in the coffee concentrate with time.

In addition, coffee can be made with less caffeine if the water temperature is raised to reduce the concentration of caffeine. However, the positive benefits of iced coffee are outweighing the cons of cold brewed coffee when compared to hot brewed iced coffee.

Cold Brew – Positive Benefits of Low Temperature Iced Coffee

The positive benefits of low temperature iced coffee is that it is convenient, quick, and easy. Cold brewed coffee is also ideal for people who don’t want to spend extra time in the kitchen brewing their favorite beverage. This convenience is another reason people are turning to iced coffee instead of regular coffee.

In addition, low brewing temperatures allow the coffee to retain more flavor from the beans than hot brewed coffee, which leads to a more delicious cup of iced coffee. Cold brew has also been shown to increase the body and thickness of coffee, which lead to the suggestion that colder coffee is better for you.

Compare the Advantages and the Disadvantages

Look — Cold Brew Coffee has its advantages and disadvantages, but ultimately it is up to each person to decide if the benefits are worth the inconvenience. For some people, the convenience and delicious taste of iced coffee to justify the inconvenience.

However, for others, the lack of acidity and caffeine to consider could be an issue. Cold brew does contain less acid overall, but people with stomachs that are sensitive to stomach acid will find this issue hard to live with. Cold brew is a matter of personal preference and each person should be free to determine how cold brew would suit them best.